What to Wear While Breastfeeding


Hello Friends, I started to write this post a loooong time ago and the pictures are from the autumn 2014, but I think this outfit fits perfectly in February too.

I want to share my experiences about what to wear while breasting feeding. As most mums know, it is not very easy to find nice tops designed for breastfeeding. The selection of tops designed to breastfeed in is very limited and very boring.  I suppose the tops below is the most traditional breast feeding top. I bought mine from H&M. When it comes to the design they are plain and a little bite boring. Further, you are not able to breastfeed in a discrete way in them. For use at home they are ok and they kept their shape and color ok, but after about 3-4 months of use I would not wear them in public anymore.


(Picture from H&M)

I think that the two tops below (also from H&M) are much more fun/stylish and it also easier to breast feed without showing your boobs for everyone. I have had the grey one for several months and it has kept its shape pretty well. The black one had pretty thin fabric, and it did not last very long, but I was the most modern I could find and not very expensive. Last time I looked they were not available at H&M anymore, but my experience of H&M is that they do new versions of the same models.

hmgreyhmblack(Pictures are from H&M)

However, the best solution for me have been to wear a big or very elastic camisole or a breast feeding camisole beneath and a short wide top/sweater above, like in the pictures. That is what I wear most of the times when I know I might need to breastfeed in public. Yeep, the little boy is still partly breastfeed! The camisole protect me from showing my stomach to everyone and the top will cover the baby’s head and my breast. It has been  much more convenient than using a scarf for cover, as my little boy (and he is not unique in that way) wants to play with the scarf.

For the less shy person a blouse or shirt might be a good option, but I have not been comfortable with that.


I might share my point of view on breastfeeding in a later post, but this will have to do for this time. A mum needs to take advantage of the time when the child is sleeping. Have a nice week everyone!


Sweater & Necklace – Vero Moda, Camisole – 365, MQ, Trousers – H&M, Boots – Jana

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The Return

So you thought it was going to be easy to make a blog post after a long blog break, that our relationship should be as it used to be.  Ohhhh no, you should not get away that easily! I can hear the blog gods giggle in cyberspace. Hahaha let her suffer! Be away for more than 8 months, so impolite! Let us change where to upload photos, settings, etc…


But here I am. A mum to a lovely little boy since the 3rd of February. I can’t almost not remember how life used to be before my son was born and I can’t definitely not remember how big my stomach was the last month (see previous post). Or how lovely my hair was during pregnancy! Time fly by so fast and we are already spending time on the play ground as you can see. These photos was taken two Sundays ago after we had voted in the national election. But that is a pretty sad story so don’t let us go into those boring/sad/racism details. Instead let me tell you that everything has gone well, and that I am able to get dressed most days. However, it is a long time since I have been to the hairdresser and had a proper makeup. Most days I wear sneakers that is easy to put on and off, and my only accessory is usually a BabyBjörn (to carry my little boy around). But at the day of the national election I won’t wear sneakers, and my boy had to sit in the pram at least for a while until he was to bored and we had to carry him. All other days are sneaker and BabyBjörn days, but not at the day of the election. For me it is not a day like all other days, and especially not when a lot of sad things are going around in the word. So I don’t wear sneakers at the election day, although you have the democratic right to do so.  Should I tell you that there is four years until next election?

What have you been up to?

IMG_4431 - Version 2

Top – Bondelid, bought on sale at MQ, Trousers – Filippa K, not bought on sale… uhhhh expensive!, Boots – do you actually think a mum that is breast feeding can remember the brand of boots she bought before the baby was born (did she have a life before?)? But my best guess is that they are from Jana

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4 weeks left to due date


Hi ladies, it is time for a short update. I am busy with finishing up different projects at work and baby preparations of course! I don’t think I have to tell you what I enjoy most at the moment!

It is only 4 weeks left to due date. It is very exciting (and a little bite scary) and we are of course longing to meet our little boy!


The bump does not look enormous when you see it up front, but in profile it is pretty huge now. I feel well except the disrupted sleep. Actually it is 5 in the morning when I write this and I have been awake for a couple of hours by now. As the television shows are so lousy at this time in the morning so they can’t even put me back to sleep, I thought it would be better use of my time to drop by and say hi to you instead!

I wishing all of you a wonderful week!


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Thank My Colleague!

IMG_1899I have a dear colleague that often gives me compliments for my outfits. Today she liked my outfit so much that she insisted to take a photo of it (could you get a better compliment?). So we went out and took a couple of photos in the stairwells. So thanks to my colleague I finally had a photo to share with you!

I have entered week 30 now, and I still feel good! I am so grateful for that! I am pretty tired  in the evenings, but on the other hand I am always tired this time of the year. We don’t get very much daylight this time of the year, and the sunny days are rare. Today was an exception though!

I am still able to wear some of my clothes, like my mustard skirt from Jan Rasco (Turkish brand) with stretch in it. The striped tee I bought at Esprit’s sale rather soon after I had learned that I was pregnant as I thought I could get use of a longer tee, and I have got a lot of use of it. One of the main reasons for not being able to use my clothes are that they are too short! The west is Forever 21 and the necklace is bought in Turkey. My boots are actually bought from an orthopedic shop, how rare isn’t it to find boots/shoes that both are good for your feet and being stylish!

I wish you all a great beginning of the Christmas season!

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My Two New Titles

Hello Friends!

It always becomes a very long time between my post now a days. I am sure that you will forgive me when I soon tell you the reasons. I am currently adjusting to my two new roles in life.The first one is that I on the first of November became an Associate Professor. I don’t think this will require very much of changes to my life or to my wardrobe. However it did take a lot of work to get all the papers in, and then it was a loooong wait. The mean change is that I can be the main advisor for graduate students, be on graduate committees or be the opponent on thesis. I don’t think my new position will require very much changes to my wardrobe, except maybe that I will need a new suit to fit some academic occasion, but since I have not got any request yet, it is no hurry. The only upcoming event connected to the title is that I will give an Associate Professor lecture in the beginning of December, but I am sure that there will be something in my wardrobe and now is not the time or place to buy wardrobe staples pieces, as I have a growing baby bump!


Sorry for holding this as a secret for you for a such a long time (I have just entered week 27), but I promise I had good reasons! One of them was that I was not feeling great the first three months. Red traces in the face after throwing up did not make me in the mood for taking outfit photos. Another reason for keeping the pregnancy secret was that I was waiting for a decision on a big grant application, and I did not want my pregnancy to affect the decision (unfortunately the application was not granted despite that I kept it secret). Pregnancy or being a mum should of course not affect those kinds of decision, but I thought it would be better to not take any chances. So we kept the pregnancy secret a longer time that we wanted to. Let me tell you that it was not easy, when you wanted to tell the whole world about the little miracle that is growing in my body. Speaking about growing, it is already several months since I could not wear normal trousers or fitted tops, but lucky I can still wear a substantial part of the clothes in my wardrobe. Since it is  just about three months left to the due date, I will try to buy as little new clothes as possible. I prefer to spend my money on baby clothes! 🙂 By the way, it is a boy! Have a great week everyone!

I am linking up to Visible Monday!


Tee – Joules, bought in Edinburg; Skirt – Ness, bought in Edinburgh; Scarf – Indiska; Maternity tights from H&M; Boots – Rockport

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It Is Not Wrong

It is not wrong with the proportions of this outfit, it is the camera angle.


The angel is better here! But the light is too bright. Sigh, some days it is not easy to get good photos. But I like that I have found a way to use this summer’s favorite top even when the days are getting colder. Luckily Mr Autumn does not seem to have made his mind up, yet, so he lets Ms Summer be in charge some days. However, I know what is approaching, very soon Mr Autumn will be here for stay.


Top – Warehouse, House of Fraser; Jeans – Gap; Jacket – Mango, Clogs – Tamaris; Handbag – Miss Selfridge

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How Do You Spell Tights?


Hi Sweethearts, I am sorry for my absence but the summer has been buuuuuusssssy. A lot of work, but some fun too, like yesterday when my cousin and his wife arranged a big party with live music to celebrate their wedding. My favorite little black dress got with me to a wedding (again) as it never lets me down. You might wonder if I wear tights because 1, it is already cold in Sweden 2, I had not time to shave my legs 3, I love tights. If you answered yes to anyone of these three options give yours self one point, if you answered yes to all the three of them you are the winner of this little contest!

Writing this makes me realize how long time it is since I last blogged. I even had to use google translate to check up how tights are spelled, and then it is bad! Well, I won’t give any promises about the frequency of posts in the future that I can’t keep, the only thing I can say is that I don’t plan to close down the blog. Bye for now!


Dress -Stckholm, MQ; Necklace – Bought in Prague; Handbag – CCC (Copy Coco Chanel); Clogs – Esprit

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Let Me Introduce You to Laura


We did a lot of walking in Seoul. One of the highlights during our walks was definitely the Cheonggyecheon stream. The stream was in the past polluted and covered with an elevated road, but since 2005 this stream has been cleaned up and made into an art and nature walkway through the heart of Seoul (TripAdvisor).

Except Mr. D and I, Laura came with us on this walk. Laura Ashley the dress. Isn’t she a darling? Even if she don’t like me to tell you this, I will let you know that she is much less expensive than you might believe. The Swedish currency is currently pretty strong compared to the pound (she was purchased in Edinburgh) and it was 30% off (on everything in the store, very dangerous!), so I got her to a very good price. Independent of the price, she is very precious to me and I am glad that she came with me to Seoul. We had a great time together! However, next time we go somewhere together I hope to pair her up with a pair of high heels instead.


Dress – Laura Ashley

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Another Short Update


Another short update, with a photo from the presentation I gave at the conference I attended in Seoul. The same blue dress from Esprit as I wore when I gave my National Day talk. It is comfortable and wrinkle free, and still I feel dressed up when I wear the dress. A perfect dress for traveling!  Me like a lot!

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Korean National Dress


Dear friends, I have been absent again. Life is busy. However, it is not too busy for having some fun too. Between the scientific session at the conference I currently attend in Seoul, South Korea there was the possibility to try on Korean national dress. Could someone who loves clothes miss that opportunity, of course not!

And I won’t miss the opportunity to link up to Visible Monday, when I feel really visible!


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