Trinny and Susannah

On request a post in English

I am in great to debt to Trinny and Susannah. These two outspoken Brittish ladies who are teaching people all over the world what not to wear, lately in Sweden (see the show at, available for three more days) . Sometimes they come across as pretty rude (and obsessed with tits), but I actually think they care about people. They want people to feel good about their bodies. And Yes, I am a great fan!

I have learned a lot from Trinny and Susannah, especially about how to dress for my body type. To emphasize the good parts and not focus and highlight less good parts (not sure I am following the rules with this outfit). The rules about how to dress for various body types have been described in detail elsewhere. The second thing I have learned from them is to match color with color. This give a soft impression instead of matching color with black, which may come across pretty hard. So, Trinny and Susannah, this outfit is for you! As they would read my blog…

 By the way, this is not a teaching outfit. But, I am going to baby sit my niece and nephew this weekend and that will include baking, playing outside, drawing, and spoiling, so this might be comfortable.

Topp/Top – Cubus

Kofta/Cardigan –  H&M

Kjol/Skirt – H&M

Leggings – Esprit

Väska/Bag – Bulaggi

Skor/Shoes – från/from Mexico

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