21 for 21

Tomorrow I will start my  30 for 30 challenge, introduced to the world of fashion bloggers by Kendi at Kendi everyday. The rules are simple select 30 items make 30 outfits. And if you do not shop during this period Kendi will applaud you (and so will I). I have modified the numbers of days and items to fit my purpose so it will be a 21 for 21 challenge. I also have the intention of doing some shopping. So what is left with the 30 for 30 challenge? The core, soul, and spirit of the challenge is left – to remix what you have and make it work for you – at least I hope!

Please let me introduce my tops!

Other top halfs!

My bottoms!

My dresses!

Still there?

My shoes!

Don’t worry 1, the pieces will be introduced in detail one by one day-by-day.

Don’t worry 2, I can count. This is not 21 pieces, but I leave some space for some wild cards and some shopping. Oh my God, I am already thinking of cheating… No I am not cheating, according to Kendi the challenge is not primary about not shopping, but about remixing. However, I will probably not get any applauds from Kendi and that makes me saaaaaad.

Do worry, you will probably get tired of the pieces and probably I will too…

Wish me luck and welcome to join my journey here at Four Seasons One Wardrobe!

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