Dress your best challenge and outfit 7

The wonderful and stylish academians at Academichic have featured a two weeks of dress your best challenge. To embrace the best parts of your body instead of focusing on covering and hideing parts of your body you do not like.  A part of the challenge is to write down a list of five parts of your body YOU LIKE! Or at least try to come up with a list.

To be honest. It would have been much easier to come up with a non-like-list. But to embrace the idea of the Academichics I am no going to let you know that I do not like my cellulites, varicose veins, or other things on my non-like-list. Instead I have  tried to come up with a list of things I like. Actually, except for my female proportions I thought it would be hard to come up with a list. And Yes, it was not very easy. I seem to semi-like some parts of my body. I think I semi-like my nose, eyes, face, and hands. But to say I like them feels like a very strong word suddenly. I am glad they did not request us to say we love these parts of the body. In any case, I think this outfit highlight my proportions and hence both fits with the Dress your best challenge and my 21 for 21 challenge. Ohh yes, I am very busy – very busy with dressing challenges.

Top – LC Waikiki, Pants- Sunshine, MQ, Shoes – Yes (my second wildcard), bought in Turkey, Sunglasses – Prada (sure!!!), bracelete – MQ

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