Outfit 8 and tan

As you could read in my previous bloggpost and I am now multi-tasking. The 21 for 21 challenge continues and I also joined the Academichics’  Dress your best challenge. Don’t worry, I am a women I can handle it.

 The second challenge resulted in a lot of new readers. To all of you I say very welcome! As you can see, I am mixing languages. Sometimes I write in Swedish and sometimes in English (if you write English in the box where it is said kategorier you will find the English posts). By no means my Swedish is much better than my English – resulting in a more versatile language and playing with words. Some people also think I am able to be fun in Swedish and I am not sure whether I can be fun in English or not. But I have a lot of English speaking friends who likes to be able to read my blogg now and then and not just look at the pics. So, I have not made up my mind  about which language to use and hence I will probably continue to mix languages at the same time as I am mix clothes. As I have already stated, I am able to multi-task.

 Now, some short words about outfit numer 8. It is also categorized as Dress your best. So which part of my body is highlighted with this outfit? It is my tan (I know it was not on my like-list, but I think the Academichics do not mind if I add another body part to like). I love the color my skin gets in the summer and I tan quit easily, which I am very greatful for. I think light blue is the perfect color to highlight a tan.

Blouse – Sunshine, MQ, Trousers – New Yorker, Sunglasses – Dior (non-orginal imitation (more about this soon)), Bag – Chanel (semi-original imitation), bracelet – MQ, Shoes- bought on a trip to Turkey

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