Outfit 10

I have said it before and I will say it again, sometimes the simple is just the best. Navy with navy and some braun accents, classic. I can think of several occasions where I could wear this outfit and fell comfortable – the classroom, meetings with faculty, dinner at my parents, you name it.

But today I am soooo ready for some shopping at Mango, Zara or other places where stylish Turkish women do their shopping to affordable prices. So if you have not figured it out before, I am traveling and I am traveling in Turkey. Or actually we (I and Mr. D) are mostly in one city – a city with the most fabulous shopping – Izmir. There is a lot of cheap market places and various outlets, malls, and shops where you easily can spend several hours several days a week. It is a paradise for shopping and shopaholics and of course a paradise for a style blogger. A strong Swedish kronor (at least compared to the Turkish lira) and summer sale does not make it less afforable.  Actually, my belt is from Mango and one of my purchases here. It would have costed me at least four times as much in Sweden.  So now when I have shared my secret, which is your favorite city to shop in?

Topp – Sunshine, MQ, Skirt – Sunshine, MQ, Bag and Shoes – bought in Turkey several years ago, Belt – Mango outlet, Jewelery – gifts

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