Outfit 11

So, if yesterdays outfit was simple, this outfit is probably the opposite. Necklace, belt, bracelets, sunglasses – all at one time. I feel like my mum’s aunt Britt (rest in peace!) who loved jewelry and to wear all her jewelry pieces at one time. You could acctually hear when she was approaching  – clank clank. I have not reached that level, yet, so I think I am ok. Or maybe not?

However, even if this outfit might be overloaded with accessories there are some aspects I like. For example, I like what the belt do to my waist line and I also like the pale color combination. On the other hand, I think it might had been more flattering to my hips to wear my dark brown pants instead, as dark colors minimize while light colors tend to make you look bigger. You probably already knowed that, but I might need to remind my self.

Blouse – Mexx, Axelssons, Pants – Sunshine, MQ, Shoes, belt, and necklace – Bought on trip to Turkey, Bracelets – gift from Mr. D (thank you, puss!), Watch – doctorate gift from my parents ( I have already thanked them about thousand times – but once again – Thank you!)

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