Outfit 12 by night

It was not in my plan, but I have to confess that I have gained some weight during my vacation. Then I did plan to take photos of my outfit in daylight, but it did not happen.  So I think I just got acclimatized  to Turkey. Please forgive me, I will soon return to my organized life in Sweden.

As far as I know I have not joined a dress-like-a-ballerina-challenge, but this is my second ballerina like outfit in just a couple of week. Should I worry or is it a sign? Am I actually supposed to be a prima ballerina but by unlucky coincidences ended up as postdoc in gerontology or is it a sign of an unresolved problem in my childhood (but I got the ballerina Barbie I dreaded)? I could of course be influenced at an unconscious level by the book I recently finished “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen – a terrific story about an old man and his life at a circus during the depression. There must have been ballerinas at the circus although it was not explicitly told in the book. But if you prefer, I can go for the most likely and more boring explanation – I am taking part in a 21 for 21 challenge and I need to work with what I have in  my suitcase.  What do you prefer, the psychological or probable explanations?

Topp and belt – Market in Turkey, Skirt – H&M, Leggings – Cecil, Crazy Horse, Shoes – Yes (bought in Turkey), Jewelry – gifts

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2 Responses to Outfit 12 by night

  1. Tine says:

    Hejsan Four seasons one wardrobe,

    It’s so nice to finally come across a Scandinavian blogger who isn’t yet another fashion obsessed teenager, but a real grown woman. And after skimming through your entire list of posts with all your lovely outfits I see that our blogs were both “born” this April! I think we are filling a void in our part of the blogging world, with lots of room for others to join us.

    Living in Scandinavia is a dressing challenge, unless you have unlimited space and means, with our four very different seasons. Your blog’s name is just spot on. I also think that the size of our countries offers an opportunity to show real creativity when shopping with much fewer shops than other countries.

    I find winter dressing particularly difficult since everyone seems to go black, matching those long dark winter nights. Very uninspiring. I can’t wait to see what you come up with then.

    So, I’m looking forward to following your blog and welcome to the to both of us!

    Best Regards

    Tine, Kaffesoester

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank you very much Tine for your kind words!
      First of all I must say that I agree with all your comments. Secondly, you are also actually the first Scandinavian blogger how is not a teenager or a thin model like fashionista I have come across. So I am very glad that you left a comment and let me know about your blogg, which I will follow. Finally, I also have to say, that it always make me very happy when women encourage each others, which we are not very known off. So let us keep on the good work and welcome other grown women into style blogging.

      Kind Regards,

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