Simple logic

I am back in Sweden. Cold and rainy Sweden. Tasteless fruit and vegetables. Work and early mornings. Still, I love Sweden. I love my country with all its flaws. The cold and rain makes it is green all over (and you should see the flowers!). None tasty food makes you eat less. Work and early mornings makes you able to earn money and travel so you can miss your country. You name it I answer.

I am did not manage to finish my 21 for 21 challenge in Turkey. I will soon take some photos of the outfits I wore, but I did not manage to get pictures of. I will also take pictures of outfits I did not wear and still have to come up with. But until then I will give you some pictures of what I wore my first day back at the office. Jeans, camisole, t-shirt, jacket and I was not sweating or tending to sweat. It is definitely easier to be a remixer in cold weather. Layers on layers do not work when it is 30 degrees Celsius. But in Sweden it works almost always. So the conclusion must be that it is easier to be a remixer in cold weather. Simple logic! Did I tell you I love Sweden?

My granny would have been proud if she thought I had made the cross stitches by myself, would I have let her think that? I drank coffee when I visited her to make her happy… Could not let her know that I still had not grown up to like coffee.

Wedges and pink toe nails

I am not angry just tired. I promise!

T-shirt and jacket – Mango outlet Izmir, Camisole (beneath) – New Yorker & Co, Jeans – Levi’s, Shoes – Erbil Suel, Bracelets – market in Turkey and “made by me”, Bag – Collezione, Jewelry including watch – gifts

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3 Responses to Simple logic

  1. Ååååh jag blir verkligen inspirerad, diggar din blogg hur mycket som helst!

  2. I love the brown jacket. Brown is such a versatile color. I think this is a fun office day outfit!

  3. Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

    Thanks Fröken November and Cat! I don’t know what I should do without your cheers! Happy Friday to both of you!

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