Shapes to the shapeless

Have you ever bought clothes that you already in the store know is not the perfect fit, but there is something about the piece that you can’t resist? Of course you have not. But since I am not flawless, I have bought clothes which I know is not perfect and this blue and white camisole is an example. I loved the print. It felt very summery and IT WAS ON SALE (that is always an excuse). However, the shape is not very flattering for me (see below). So the trick is to wear something above that gives shape to the shapeless camisole – in this case a cardigan. Now some of you wonder if it doesn’t get very warm in the summer with a cardigan. Dear friends, I live in Sweden so that is not very often a problem. However, it was kind of you to ask.

Hands in the waiste line or a belt could also do the trick.

Top – Sisters, Cardigan – Vero Moda, hand me down from a dear friend, probably the dearest, Skirt – Vero Moda, Clogs – Tamaris, Necklace- bought in Nepal, gift to my mum from my aunt,  Belt – Market in Turkey, Bracelets – Market in Turkey and “Made-by-Me”

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