Please, do not treat all clothes the same way

As all of you know how loves clothes know, in contrast to people you should not treat all your garments the same. For example, it is ok when the stores bring out the spring/summer clothes in January of February, but it is not ok when the stores bring out the autumn/winter clothes in the beginning of July (given, that I was on vacation from the mid of June, they might actually have been there even longer). I do not want to be reminded about the long and dark winter season and I do not want to feel obligated to buy autumn/winter garments because otherwise all nice pieces will already be bought by fashionistas who cares more about getting the best pieces than the that it is still sunny and warm outside.  And I do not want to tell you, that I also have bought autumn/winter garments, but I did and I hate it.

However, I will not show the autumn/winter pieces (yes, there was more than one), instead I will give you some pics of old garments in a new combination. Maybe not revolutionary, but at least one colleagues wowed it and it made my day (thanks colleague and friend M, for being so positive!) and that gave me the inspiration to take the photos. I am so in love with navy and brown right now, which is your favorite color combination this summer?

Tunic – Vero Moda, Pants – Sunshine, MQ, Bracelets – Market in Turkey and “Made-by-me”, Obi belt and Wedges – Bought on trip to Turkey

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