Outfit 18 and a tribute to clogs

For some people a butterfly, strawberries, or a warm breeze is the ultimate summer sign. I consider these things as summer signs as well, but I would like to add clogs to my summer signs list. In Swedish we have many names for clogs (t ex trätofflor, träskor, och trällor) and we also have a saying that a dear child has many names. I have loved clogs since I was a little girl when I got a new pair of clogs every summer; pink, red, white, with flowers, with stars, with my name painted on them, black (not that loved by a little girl), you name it I had it. The sadness of worn out or probably grown out clogs could only be comforted by a new pair of clogs. Last summer clogs became trendy again in Sweden and I was not late to join the trend, and I love them as much as my childhood’s clogs.  They are comfortable, easy to put on, and you really rarely get blisters from clogs. My brown clogs got company by a pair of black clogs this summer. Now a days I do not grow out of my shoes but I do indeed wears them out. The brown ones have been to the shoe doctor at least three times and my black ones once, and if needed I will send them to the shoe doctor over and over again, and the day the shoe doctor says that this is the end I will turn for comfort to a new pair of clogs. Fingers crossed that they still will be in fashion!

Loved brown clogs

Loved black clogs

Outfit 18 in my 21 for 21 challenge, I might finish before the summer ends.

Camisole – frk, Åhlens, Cardigan – Vero Moda, “Hand-me-down” from a dear dear friend, Pants – New Yorker, Necklace, bracelet, and handbag – Market in Turkey, Brown clogs – Tamaris, Black clogs – Esprit

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