What to wear for teaching summer classes

I daily read at least a couple of other style/fashion blogs. For you how don’t read academic style blogs I can report that a hot topic is what to wear for teaching summer classes when it is seriously hot outside. I am lucky to being able to focus on my research this summer (and for the first time in three years to have a longer vacation), so there is no special dress code required from me. Actually, I could almost go to the office in my pajamas and no one would care, since most of my colleagues are on vacation, and those who are at the office are so focused on finishing  their dissertations or other research obligations so they neither see nor hear. Don’t worry, I won’t go to the office in pajamas and if I did, I would probably not tell you.

However, if I would teach summer classes, I would be comfortable in this dress with leggings beneath. This dress is too short and to wide to wear without tights or leggings beneath in front of students. Narrow skirts and dresses are easier to wear without feeling the need to use tights or leggings beneath. I don’t think bare shoulders would be appropriate either, but some might not agree. As I usually do, I would put on my glasses as I think glasses makes me and most people look intellectual, and for papers and other stuff I need I would use my brown handbag (below). Yes, blue and brown again. To add a pop of color I would wear my pink flats. That’s it folks.

Dress – Sunshine, MQ, Leggings – Cecil, Crazy Horse, Shoes – Clarks, Cederwalls skor, Bag – Onstage, Olgas hus

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