Not a CATastrophe

I found this blouse super cheap on sale. It was quite many left. This always makes me a little bite nervous. Why has no one bought it? Do I have bad taste? A lot of neurotic questions run through my head at this kind of occasions. I asked my friend if it is granny-style and she said yes, but immediately assured me that granny-style is in. But, I think I would have bought this blouse in any case as I know that I love this model (look here), blue is one of my present favorite colors, and the blouse passed the ultimate shopping test (does this piece make me happy and does I want to wear it as soon as possible?). Since I have started to blogging, I think would I be comfortable to show this piece of garment on my blog could be added to my ultimate shopping test (and as you can see, the answer is yes). So I don’t think this will be a CATastrophe, but a very useful piece.

Blouse & Bracelets –  Vero Moda (on final sale), Capris – Sunshine, MQ, Belt & Shoes – Bought in Turkey, Sunglasses – Gucci or…?

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