Come out of the closet week 30

Once upon a time, when I started this blog in April, I thought that I would have a theme called “come out of the closet” where I should try to incorporate pieces that had not been worn for a very long time. So I did (proof here), but then came the evil witch and made me sleepy and I slept and slept and slept until a stylish prince passed by and woke me up (by a kiss of course).  The next piece from my wardrobe to come out was this purple dress.

Although this dress is extremely comfortable and both the cut and the color is probably pretty flattering on me, I have not worn this dress very often. This dress is the kind of dress I don’t feel very comfortable to wear either in public or to show pictures of it on the blog. To be honest, I feel like mummy’s girl in it, and not in a good sense. In an attempt to make the dress a little bite more edgy I added my Mango belt. However, I do not own any summer shoes in the same color as my belt  except these wedges. I like my wedges, but I would not describe them as edgy. So I think my attempt to make this dress edgier failed and this is still a kind of good girl look, but there is nothing bad with being a good girl, right?

I have to admit that I am still not convinced about this dress. I think it might be more versatile in the autumn/winter seasons, so until then I think this dress might need to stay in the closet, if you guys don’t have any great styling tips.

Dress – Jan Rasco, Camisole – Saint Tropez, Belt – Mango outlet, Shoes, Bought in Turkey, Ring – Ur & Penn, Shoes – Bought in Turkey

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3 Responses to Come out of the closet week 30

  1. Audrey Tom says:

    WHAT? I LOVE this dress on you! I don’t think it looks very “mummy’s girl” on you…I mean, it is on the sweeter side with the wedges, but I think the belt grounds it a little. If you want even edgier you could do metallic jewelry and a belt/shoes with shine. I’m picturing a medium-width black belt with some shine to it + metallic jewelry of all sorts + black shoes, preferably that also have some sheen to them. I think dark brown/wine colored belt/shoes/bag would work also with gold/bronze jewelry to be edgier. You could also try olive or dark green for a funkier color combo. Or mix it all up! Wine + olive + metallics. OR (sorry, I have so many ideas churning because I don’t want you to give up on this lovely dress that fits you so well…) animal print anything–shoes, belt, cuff, etc. Just don’t go overboard with that one haha. Okay, I’ll stop now because this comment is getting quite long!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Audrey, your comments made my day (first day at the office after vacation)! I am especially looking forward combine the dress with your brown/wine color and bronze jewelry suggestion, but I will give all of them a try (at least as far as my accessoaries and budget allows). Many many thanks!

  2. Audrey Tom says:

    Yay! Brown/wine + bronze would be my first choice as well. If the other two don’t speak to you or even work with the rest of your closet, don’t waste money buying accessories in black or animal print just to try. I think brown/wine + bronze will go great with your skin tone!

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