Still comfortable

I have not posted since Friday, which is quite a long time for being me, but I have been busy. We tried to suck the most out of the last days of freedom by spending the weekend at my parents house. My parents are modern and have wi-fi but the rubber boots that I borrowed from my mom have not been updated since I moved to my first apartment, very very many years ago. I wished I exaggerated but I am not, neither about the rubber boots or the  passage of time. So even if there would had been time to take photos there was nothing to take photos of (if you don’t think chanterelles are worth taking photos of).

Time has continued to fly since I got back at the office yesterday. It has been so busy that I have not know in advance what to wear or when to get time to take photos, if I came up with a nice outfit. It crossed my mind that I might have shown you all of my best combinations. Then this t-shirt with a mandarin collar (is that the right expression in English?) crossed my mind. I have not featured this t-shirt more than once at the blog, but it is an all time favorite from H&M. By some reasons I love clothes with mandarin collar at least as long as they are made in European sizes. I feel female and dressed in this t-shirt, but still comfortable, which is an important criteria for me.

Hence, as I managed to come with a new outfit then I needed to find a time slot to take photos. Not very easy since I needed to work late and also needed to do grocery shopping and cooking after work as we had invited some friends to our house. So it had to be in a place near and it had to be quick. These places are seldom the most beautiful places, but I am still proud of my self that I both got dressed and had time to take photos.

T-shirt with mandarin collar – H&M, Skirt – Sunshine, MQ, Clogs – Tamaris, Belt – Bought in Turkey

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