Debut for Red and Purple

When I was a child there was a lot of no-nos considering which colors you could wear together. Never ever that I would have worn pink and red together, yellow and purple, or the current color-combo red and purple. I would probably rather stayed home than playing with friends than wear an outfit in those colors. But times and fashion changes, and I have worn red and pink together many times and I have written about it previously (post in Swedish). I have also worn purple and yellow together a couple of time, but I have never worn purple and red together before. So this is my debut.

The idea for this outfit is inspired by a suggestion from one of my reader as comment to a previous post. Thank you Audrey!

I also tried to tuck and not to tuck. I think I prefer the tucked and belted version than the non-tucked version below. What do you think?

Top – Esprit, Skirt, Sunshine, MQ, Shoes – Esprit, Necklace – Gina Tricot, Belt – Zoul, MQ, Bag and sunglasses – Bought in Turkey

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2 Responses to Debut for Red and Purple

  1. When I first saw the outfit photo I was already going to comment on how cute this is. Then I actually read the post and saw my name in it–I feel so honored! I really really really like it tucked with a belt. So cute. Keep it up!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Wow! You are Audrey from Putting me Together. I love your blog!!! Your style it is so relatable, super cute, fresh, stylish, and I could go on forever. I feel very honored that you read my blog – like the schools kindest and most popular girl want to be my friend!

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