Pattern mixing light

I am so inspired by all wonderful style/fashion bloggers out there. Nice and good-looking ladies with great taste. If you are not as addicted to style blogs as I am, I can report that one big trend among fashion bloggers are pattern mixing. I can’t really remember me doing very much of pattern mixing, except this post, if not structure counts as a pattern like here or here (posts in Swedish, but a picture says more than thousands words, right? You can call me queen of catchphrases if you like). But soon Everybody Everywear will feature a pattern mixing challenge, and as I can’t resist a style challenge I am all in. So I need some practice, and I need it soon, as the challenge is the next week. As doctors usually recommend you to make small life changes instead of drastic changes I will start slowly. So, adding an animal patterned bracelet to my patterned dress felt like a good first step. Tomorrow I might be ready to do something more bold, but it is not a promise.

By the way, I recently bought this bracelet at Indiska at sale. I have heard that animal patterns will still be hot this autumn.

Ho-ho-ho, I bought this necklace on my trip to Turkey for about 2 $

Since I started to take photos of my outfits use my flats much less often as they make me look shorter. That is a surprise, isn’t it!?

Dress – Gina Tricot, Camisole – Esprit, Necklace – Bought in Turkey, Bracelet – Indiska on sale, Flats – Bought in Mexico

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