Either it is Rainy or Sunny

Do you think I look so happy because it is a sunny day in Sweden? Yes, it was sunny when left home but until I got to the place I had selected to take the photos it had started to rain. I tried to take some photos during the rain storm but they turned out like you expect photos to turn out if they are taken during a rain storm. So I gave up and started to head back home instead. On my way back home the sun started to shine again and I was able to take these photos in another spot. Yes, so there was a reason to look happy – at least five minutes until it started to rain again. Swedish summer weather my friends!

Actually, this was a little bite to bright to wear today and risky since this skirt and rain is not a very good combo (think miss wet t-skirt and you understand what I mean). However, I do not only take the weather into account when I get dressed I also consider the length of the season. As the Swedish summer is short beloved bright light summer clothes need to be worn as much as possible either it is sunny or rainy and dark-colored clothes need to be ignored (although they are screaming in magazines and in stores right now). But, the dark-colored clothes does not need to worry their time will come and when it come will almost last forever. But until then I will squeeze out as much as possible from my summer clothes. This time in a floral and polka dot combination especially created for and inspired by the Everybody Everywear mixed prints challenge. I am looking forward to see what other lovely style bloggers have come up with.

A close up to proof that I have followed the rules and mixed prints. No cheating!

Top – Sunshine, MQ, Cardigan – H&M, Skirt – Vero Moda on sale, Belt – Bought in California, Bracelet – Kicks, Ring – Ur&Penn

Everybody, Everywear

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