Environmental Friendly

I wore this top in my last post as well. Do you think it is disgusting, don’t worry, I did not wear the top two days in a row just two photo shoots in a row. I have to admit that I seldom wear the complete same outfit two days in a row, if ever. Especially, I am less keen to recycle the signature pieces, i.e. colorful and pieces that stick out with a special cut. I am more comfortable to wear the same pair of jeans or a black top over and over again. The rational is that people pay less attention to the neutral pieces and it is less obvious that you recycle them. Especially when you are travelling it is very convenient to be able to recycle and it is also environmental friendly. However, if you sweat a lot (which I luckily do not) it is not environmental friendly to recycle, trust me!

If you think I am hiding my shoes on purpose you are right. I combined photo shooting with a long walk and unfortunately foot friendly shoes are seldom photo friendly shoes.

Top – BYoung, Skirt – Sunshine, MQ, Sunglasses – It says Prada and as it means truth it must be Prada, Belt -Zoul, MQ on sale, Jewelry – Gifts

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