How to Pack – Advices from a Commuter

As you already know, I have been back at the office for a couple of weeks, but still it has been quite relaxed, including my outfits. There has been less meetings and less e-mails in my inbox than during the semester. But today will most people be back at the office all over Sweden and it feels like this is the end of the summer, especially given the little bite chillier autumn like weather we had the last week. For me it means that I will start to commute. I have not written about it on the blog before, but since the beginning of this year I have research funding for a postdoc position at a university in another city than the city I live in. It means that I have to travel at least a couple of times a month.  Hence, I had some time of practicing packing and today I will share my best packing tips.

As I commute with public transportations and I don’t have anyone to carry my luggage, I want to keep the weight as low as possible but still have more than one option. If I am going to have an important meeting or give a lecture I start to choose close for those occasions and those outfits will be the starting point that set the color scheme. This time I do not have any planed meetings that require me to dress in a special way, so instead I have chosen clothes that make me feel good but still representative.

I am less risk taking in my relative new work place than in my old, so I have chosen classic and safe pieces.

When I have chosen a couple of outfits that make me feel good then I chose shoes and handbag/s that fit the outfit. Of course you could choose all your outfits first, but there is a risk that you end up wanting to bring more shoes and handbags than you want to carry or have space for, especially if you like different color schemes and styles.

I chose two pair of black shoes, both comfortable to walk in which is very important for me. I could of course have chosen a black handbag as well, but given that I already have selected many black pieces I thought it would be too boring. Instead I chose my relative new Onstage handbag that I bought on the summer sale. It is perfect since there is a lot of pockets and bigger notepads fit in it (if I had own an iPad, it would had fitted perfect as well, but I don’t).

The final outfits are selected based on what will fit with the shoes (and to the other outfits).

When I had selected my other outfits I thought there was too much black and hence I wanted to add some color. This picture makes me want to try olive-green and red together. Maybe tomorrow, since it is in my bag! I also added my Ann Taylor jeans to travel in. Jeans are the best travel clothes as they are resistant to dirt and comfortable.

An outfit can be put together by adding accessories such as belts and necklaces that pick up the color in the shoes or some other piece.

In this case I have chosen a belt who has the same color as my handbag

My rules in short

 Select your key outfits – outfits that you like and are appropriate for the occasion

Select shoes and handbags that fit with your key outfits

Select a couple of extra outfits based on you selection of shoes and handbags (these will usually go together with your first selected clothes as well).

Don’t forget underwear, socks, tights, and shampoo etc. If you like I travel a lot keep an extra set of shampoos etc (preferably in small bottles), so you don’t need to unpack every time. For things that are expensive and have a “best-before-date” like foundation and I try to buy a new bottle before my previous almost has ended, but not completely. It makes it affordable to have two sets of expensive bottles.

Safe travels!

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