I Have To Tell Him What To Do

Can you tell I took these photos by my self? Of course you can, all my readers are bright and intelligent. My readers are also very kind so they will forgive me. Thank you!

This is what I wore today. A day in front of the computer. My computer thanked me for dressing up. I thanked him for being polite and forced him to work hard. Unfortunately, I have to tell him what to do all the time, so at the end of the day we were both tired, but at least semi-satisfied with what we had achieved. I think it is time for both me and my computer to get some new powers, so I will end my post here. Bye!

Jacket – Mango Outlet, Top – Sunshine, MQ, Pants – H&M, Shoes – Bought in Turkey, Glasses – Vogue, Necklace – Zoul, MQ, Belt – From a Vero Moda skirt, Handbag – Onstage, Olgas Hus

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