The best accessory

This is a kind of plain jersey dress. Extremely soft and comfortable, but not a “wow-er”. So I was really hesitant of I should wear this dress or not to my goddaughters christening and I considered to wear this outfit instead. But a plain dress might be like a white canvas and the accessories might be the colors who makes the painting come alive. So I added some accessories a necklace that added a pop of color and high heels that added some party to the outfit. High heels can do miracles to most outfits. So I was really satisfied and I can’t wait to wear this combination again.

But the best accessory is of course this little lovely lady. She wears a cute sailor dress that her grandmother has knitted and Italian shoes. Did I tell you she is my goddaughter? And just for your information – she has already gone shopping with me and her mother.

Dress – Mango Outlet, Necklace – Vero Moda on sale, Shoes – Tamaris on sale, Cederwalls skor, Belt – Bought in Turkey, Jewelry – Gifts

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