Non-dressed up dressed up look

This is an outfit that really goes well together with the subtitle of this blog – the challenge of dressing for four seasons and academia with color, at least the last part dressing with color in academia.

I think there might be a stereotype about the academic world that female faculty are wearing pencil skirts, pretty blouses, glasses and little jackets. I wished! But, the part of the academic world I belong to have a pretty relaxed dress code and it happens that I feel to dressed up. A way to still be dressed up but not is to combine the dressed up pieces with more casual pieces, like shiny fabrics with jeans and cotton as I did. A fail-safe way to dress down is to add a pair of leggings. Although I wear leggings now and then it is still not a favorite piece in my wardrobe. However, at many occasions leggings is the only possibility if I want to wear skirt, and I often want to, as it is too cold to have bare legs. But I can assure you, that it is seldom I feel dressed up with leggings.

So what was the occasions when I wanted  a non-dressed up dressed up look? Yesterday when my colleague nailed her thesis. A nailing ceremony takes place three weeks before the thesis defense and the dissertation is literally nailed to the wall by the graduate student. It is said it origins from Martin Luther and that the thesis should be nailed so everyone will have a chance to read it before it is defended. The ceremony is different between various universities in Sweden and at some universities there is no ceremony, although everyone has to nail their thesis. At my university we have a small relaxed ceremony where the faculty gather to see the graduate student nail his or her thesis to a wall. Afterwards we cheer with and congratulate the person who will soon to defend. For me it was a happy day when I nailed my thesis, which I get reminded about every time someone nails his or her thesis, as yesterday. Happy memories go well together with happy colors. Happy Weekend Everyone!

Pink and red the ultimate happy combo!

Top – Sisters on sale, Skirt – Sunshine, MQ on sale, Clogs – Esprit, Necklace – Gift from my bright colleague and former supervisor, Belt – Vero Moda, Watch – Gift from my parents

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