Not only time flies

I have not posted anything since Saturday, although I got dressed on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I have attended two kick-offs in two days in two different cities, and been able to squeeze in a visit to the public swimming pool. Time flies! In addition, at Sunday evening my laptop flew from my hands to the floor and I assure you that my laptop did not have any pilot license (and as a consequence I did not have any computer which is the main reason this blog has not been updated). Next in line to fly is my money. Good I already got myself some autumn pieces such as this scarf that I think will add a pop of color to various outfits and this jacket that is both soft and work appropriate. Fly low and slowly!

Top – Sunshine, MQ, Jacket – Stockholm, MQ, Skirt with leggings – Olgas hus, Scarf – Pieces, Vero Moda, Clogs – Esprit

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2 Responses to Not only time flies

  1. Tine says:

    I just love that outfit! The mix of stribes and patterned scarf is very inspiring. It looks as if the weather is just as bad with you as in Denmark? I hope you can afford some warm socks for later as well as a new computer.

  2. Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

    Thank you Tine! Your comments always makes me very happy! Don’t worry I bought a lot of socks and tights on winter clearance (half price on sale) so I am prepared for a long winter season that has started way too early this year. However, if we get some warm weather this weekend, as is promised, I will send some to you in Denmark. Take care!

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