It might look worse than it is

It might look worse (read colder) than it is. I use the cardigan as a jacket and inside I am perfectly fine with only one layer. However, I don’t think there will be more bare legs, at least not as long as I stay within the Swedish boarders.

  It might sometime sound like I hate the autumn and winter at this blog. I don’t. I just not like the big proportion of cold and rainy weather. Autumn days like this is wonderful! Crispy air and sunshine is like ice cream and warm chocolate sauce – a wonderful combination! It is interesting as soon as I have started to wear autumn clothes there seem to be no turning back and I am all into scarves, tights, and a different color palette. Actually, it feels like I already have forgotten which summer pieces that goes together, I like, and fit (as if those things are static and don’t change). In any case, next week I will have to recall/find out which summer pieces that I like and it is work appropriate as I will attend a summer school (?) in Spain. But until then you have to put up with this autumn outfit and during the weekend I am also planing to post outfits I wore to a book release party and when I spoke on the radio yesterday. So stay tuned as we in showbiz say.

Dress – Sisters, Cardigan – H&M, Tights – Twilfit on sale, Belt – Zoul, MQ on sale, Necklace and Shoes – Bought in Turkey

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5 Responses to It might look worse than it is

  1. Sln Dvt says:

    nice 🙂 Sln Dvt

  2. I love this Fall season color palette.

    In California, we are still getting temperatures of 38 degrees Celsius next week, which makes me very sad because I also love scarves and tights. I will enjoy your Fall/Winter fashions from afar.

  3. Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

    Cat, you should bring your hubby and come to Sweden for a postdoc so you also could experience some autumn.

  4. Darling you are awesome – as always you look prefect! Your taste is flawless – I like your blog a lot! I admoire your style.

  5. şekerim süpersin çoook sevklisin bayıldım sana:)))

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