Dressed for a Book Release Party

Yes, we did it! We wrote a book (and I wrote one of the chapters) and we had a very nice release party. The day we had the release party it was raining all day long so I could not take photos of what I wore, but I do not mind to wear this outfit again.

Although I love dresses and skirts I was not in a mode for any of these at the day of the release party. So I added high heels and a necklace to an ordinary office outfit and in 30 seconds I felt ready for some fun, and since that was the time I had to prepare it was very convenient. We had the party in the coffee-room at the office and the authors had all contributed with some food and drinks. Our colleagues and some loved ones were invited and there was many laughs and many cheers. How can you not have fun when you get about 10 centimeter taller?

Blouse – Vero Moda on super sale (45 SEK!!!),  Jeans – Ann Taylor, Shoes – Tamaris on sale, Cederwalls skor, Necklace – Bought in Turkey, Jewelry – Gifts

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