One Out of Three

So as you can tell, I am not in Sweden (the primary sign is bare legs). I am in Spain. Yes, I don’t complain it is warm and sunny. Travelling is actually one of the best part of my job, if I don’t take into consideration that I have to work more before and after I have been away. However, this is primary a style blog and I intend to go out in the sun soon so I will keep it short.

 I wore this dress for travelling. It is a jersey dress and the best part with jersey dresses except from that they are extremely comfortable are that they do not wrinkle. So you can sit in the car, train, and/or airplane (often all off them) and still look as you looked when you got dressed in the morning when you arrive. Of course, your make-up and your hair is another story, but if at least one out of three still looks good it is better than none.

I have also come to really appreciate to travel in clogs. Not only because I love my clogs, but also because the are comfortable and extremely easy to take of when you are on the plain or going through the security control. So I and my clogs have travelled a lot together the last years. What do you prefer to wear when you travel?

I also want to give my apologize. I intended to post my radio-outfit as I promised, but time once again ran away from me. But you got the book release party outfit so one out of two is not too bad, right? And sooner or later I will post my radio-outfit, you just have to have a little bite patience with me.

Dress – Mango Outlet, Clogs – Tamaris, Cederwalls skor, Belt – Zoul, MQ on sale, Bag – Ripoff Chanel, Bought in Turkey

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2 Responses to One Out of Three

  1. When I am flying I try to wear shoes that are very easy to take off and put on. However, I sometimes need to wear my heaviest shoes, and if I am going on a walking trip, that means lace-ups. Winter trips are worse, as I sometimes want warm boots. Not much fun to take off in a security queue, but useful in a cold climate.

  2. Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

    Yes Dressing My Self you are right the clog trick only works in the summer!

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