To Be on the Safe Side

I am not as lucky as it might look. I am actually back in Sweden, but I had some outfit photos left from Spain and I wanted to share them with you before I return back to stockings and cardigans in autumn colors.

I have been attending something called FLARE summer school. It was a conference arranged by ERA-AGE II to give young (it is a matter of definition) ageing researchers in Europe a oppurtunity to meet. From early morning to late in the night we listened to interesting lectures and had group discussions. We were mainly inside but outside was up to 30 degrees of Celsius. As I and most other Swedes usually are on vacation during the warmest period of the year, the selection of professional and summer appropriate clothes in my wardrobe is limited. However, I think this rather new top and my most comfortable black skirt at least meet my needs of being not to warm and not to hot and still feel appropriate dressed. But to be honest, I think this outfit came out a little bite more boring and plain than I had imagined, but it is at least a safe outfit. Hahaha, I am not funny? If you didn’t get it have a look at the close up of the print below.

The best souvenir is a pair of shoes (or two pairs)!

To be on the safe side.

Top – H&M, Skirt – Vero Moda, Sunglasses – Ripoff Pravda, Necklace – Gift from my friends at the day of thesis defence, Belt – Bought in Turkey, Shoes – Bought in Spain

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