Sisters in Crime

Before you continue reading can you guess from these photos what I did this weekend or what kind of event I attended?

If anyone guessed that I attended a wedding then give yourself an applaud.

There used to be several dress codes to what to wear to weddings like:

1. You can’t wear a black dress – as it is the color of sorrow and the color we wear to funerals in Sweden

2. You can’t wear a red dress – as it would indicate that you have had a relation to the bridegroom

3. You can’t wear white – as it is only the bride who wears white to the wedding

As you can see below, I and my friends broke all these rules. But I promise you that we did not break the most important rule – to not be more beautiful than the bride!!!

My best wishes to P and A and thanks for a fun wedding party!

I and my sisters in crime.

My friends’ clothes:

Red dress – Smirk, Black Heels – Din Sko, Blue Dress and White Bolero – Esprit, White Shoes – Unknown

Dress – MQ, Tights – Who remember where you bought your tights, High Heels – Tamaris, Cederwalls skor, Necklace – Soaked in Luxury, Handbag – Heritage from my mother’s aunt,  Jewelry – Gifts

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