It is getting darker, not only outside and earlier in the evenings, but also in the shops. Black and grey are the basic color in every Swedish woman’s autumn/winter wardrobe and so in mine. While some women (read 95% of all Swedish women) loves black (read because it makes you look thinner and is considered to be practical) my autumn/winter wardrobe is black/grey by one reason, there is nothing else to buy. Last winter was worse than ever and my wardrobe still suffers from it. However, I don’t despair and give up that easily, instead I fight back and add colorful scarves and tights and if I add a colorful handbag it is break-even.

Top, Sunshine, MQ, Jacket – Stockholm, MQ, Skirt – Vero Moda, Tight – I actually don’t know, Clogs – Esprit, Handbag – Bought in Turkey for about 5 EUROS

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