What to Wear When Traveling – Again

Believe or not, I don’t remember when I shopped anything else than food the last time. It must at least have been a month ago. Or I just remember that I bought two pairs of shoes in Spain… but at least say that I have not been shopping for over a month in Sweden. It might be some kind of record.  But it have not been on purpose. I have been busy repacking and doing laundry every weekend so I have not had time. Being alone packing has made my ego grow and I have started to consider my self to be a professional packer and traveler. Hence, I gonna torture you with some more travel clothes tips.

One thing I have learned from traveling is that the temperature might change drastically several times during the journey. Carry luggage makes your sweat. Waiting outside make you freeze especially if you first sweated. Being late makes you sweaty again. No working air condition system might make you almost freeze to death or melt away. Hence the golden rule is layers on layers. I do know that this is not new knowledge but good and true things need to be said over and over again, right? Clothes that do not wrinkle when you put them in your hand luggage is also preferable. A scarf to cover you when you are freezing, to cover your eyes to get darkness, to protect you from the sun, or just because it makes an extra touch to your outfit. This is some of my traveling cloth advice for this time. Want some more? Have a look here.

As you probably understand I take most of my pictures by myself with some exceptions (like here). Neither I or those helping me taking photos (most of the times Mr. D, but once a lady walking her dog feeling sad for me taking photos of my self) are professional photographers and it shows. However, sometimes by luck or tenacity I(we) get some photos with the right light that do the clothes justice. Example of luck/tenacity with light above and example of bad light below. I might say that this might be the hardest part of blogging, not only to get good photos, but to judge whether the colors or clothes did not look good together or if it is was the lack of photographing skills (or the vive versa). It sometimes make me wonder if I have stopped wearing clothes that was nice together unnecessarily. Have anyone else experienced this and how do you deal with it?

Except that the colors are dull so am I, both when the photo was taken and now when I am writing this. So please excuse any spelling mistakes or grammar errors as I had to wake up at 01.15 am. If I am excused, you could continue to believe that I always wake up that early so I could be excused every time. Do we agree?

Top – Sunshine, MQ, Cardigan – H&M, Jeans – Ann Taylor, Scarf – Pieces, Vila, Belt – Bought on trip to Turkey, Clogs – Esprit

Nail color from Viva la Diva

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3 Responses to What to Wear When Traveling – Again

  1. Tine says:

    Hejsa Anna,

    At rejse er at leve, sagde H.C.Andersen. That nail colour is just fantastic against the orange! When I travel I can’t stand wearing jeans, so I always end up in sweatpants, not one bit charming! I have to find something else, equally comfortable. Any suggestions? Oh, and do get some sleep. Otherwise you’ll end up on the wrong plane like I once did!!!

    Best regards

    Tine, kaffesoester

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Hej Tine!
      Vis man H.C. Andersen och skriva sagor kunde han också!
      Have you tried to travel in a soft dress? I did travel in a jersey dress when I went to Spain a couple of weeks ago, it was both soft and wrinkleless. I had leggings beneath to not freeze and they could easily be removed if it gets to warm. But you wide pants with prints also looks comfortable, aren’t they?
      I think that is a great accomplishment to be able to get on the wrong plane considering all controls, you must have been very tired and so the airport staff!!!!! I have only been able to miss the information that the gate was open and we were supposed to board – sitting 10 meter from the counter… And yes, we did not realize that we should board until it was too late! But mistakes and problems when traveling makes the best stories afterwards, right?

      Hilsner fra Edinburgh

  2. Tine says:

    It was indeed the Edinburgh plane I was on instead of the one headed for Copenhagen! On longer flights my trousers will crease, but the jersey dress sounds great. I never thought of wearing a dress thinking it would be too cold. But these days everyone wears leggings, so I will try it out next month. Thanks for your input!

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