Poor Me

I might be good at packing. But to be good at packing you need to have the right stuff to pack and with right stuff I mean everything from a versatile jacket to skirt and pants that you like and the most important of all – walkable shoes. I have a lot of skirts, I have at least a warm jacket, and I have walkable shoes – check. This time I have brought two pairs of shoes, if I don’t count my sneakers which I will not wear to work, my black clogs as can be seen in my previous post and these shoes. I hate to say a bad word about my clogs but yesterday my feet were gliding around in my usually comfortable clogs and that did not make the 25 minutes walk to the office very pleasant and I stumbled a couple of times. So today I decided to wear these brown shoes instead. Fine, until I realized that I have not actually planned very well for what to wear with these shoes. My decision to bring these shoes was only based on comfort  and not on match-making (and it did not get better when I in the last-minute exchanged my brown handbag for my bright yellow bag, to add a pop-of-color to my traveling wardrobe – stupid stupid me!). So when I realized this (or maybe when I packed) I had a kind of  systemic breakdown. Fortunately, the brains plasticity is amazing and I could come up with an outfit that fairly did go together with these shoes. But there is rather many days left of this research visit and I have promised myself to walk to the office if it is not raining cats and dogs. So if I happen to pass a shoe store tomorrow I might need to go into it and by myself a pair of shoes – poor me!

Top (beneath) – Sunshine, MQ, Jacket – Stockholm, MQ, Skirt – Sunshine, MQ, Tights – No idea, Shoes – Jana, Söders skor, Scarf – Crazy horse, Belt – Bought on trip to Turkey, Handbag – Collezione

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