Welcome Tea

I did know it! It is nothing wrong with my clogs (read previous post here if you not are following). Everything was my new shiny tights fault (well not the European economic crises). A pair of tights with structure was the simple solution to my problem with non-walkable shoes. I wish all problems was a simple to solve as that.

Another day in Edinburgh with unpredictable weather. This morning it was cloudy but not cold. At noon it was raining cats and dogs. In the evening it was freezing cold and some blue sky. I have to say that I was especially happy in the evening that I chosen this wool grey cardigan. But also during the day I felt very comfortable in these clothes. I think the grey goes very well together with the navy blue and makes the outfit a little bite more casual, although it is still on the dressed up side. However, the research group that I am visiting had a welcome tea for me and some other new colleagues today, so I think it was completely fine to be a little bite dressed up. How am I cheating, as I would not be that most days? But it is nice to at least occasionally have an excuse.

New city new walls!

Tunic – Vero Moda, Cardigan – Stockholm, MQ, Skirt – Sunshine; MQ, Tights – H&M, Necklace – Gift from friends at the day of thesis defense, Belt – Crazy Horse

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