No Guns – Ruffles and Roses

Raise your hand if you ever have said I will never ever wear this when a new trend arrives and then a couple of month later wears it and like it. Raise your hand if you think that most of your friends are good-looking. You could also raise your hand if you think football and/or ice hockey players overall are more handsome than the normal man on the street. My point is that we start to like things we are constantly exposed to either we like it or not (why do you think companies spend millions on commercials?). I happen to sleep in the room on the picture below and see how it affected me. And for your information the carpet is wine-red…

I must give praise to the person who put this room together. It is actually not the same pattern on neither the bedspreads, curtains, or the wallpaper but it still goes together (although it might not be anything I would use in my own home). I think the key is the same color scheme. For a great tutorial on pattern mixing, read this post at LORISPEAK.

Ruffles on ruffles are allowed when you drink tea from cups with roses on every morning.

Blouse – San tropez, Cardigan – H&M, Skirt – Vero Moda, Stockings – I can’t remember, Eyeglasses –  Vogue, Belt – Bought in Turkey, Shoes – Jana, Söders skor

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