Shocking-pink and Brown/Olive-green

I am a girl and as many other girls I loved pink when I was a child. I had pink school bag, trousers, sweeters, earrings, you name it! If I recollect it correctly I wore pink with mint-green, yellow, light-blue, etc. in the 80’ties. Later on I wore pink with red a big no-no that I have written about previously and lately I have worn this pink top with black. However, I don’t think I have ever combined shocking-pink with brown/olive-green before. But on Friday morning I did see this pink top hanging next to my brown/olive-green jacket in the wardrobe and I thought this might actually be a good color combination. So I decided to try it  on and here is the result.

Top – Sisters, Jacket – Mango Outlet, Pants – Flash, Necklace – Gift from my co-supervisor, Belt – bought on market in Turkey,  Shoes – Jana, Söders skor

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