Sale at Anthropologie

So people might claim I planned it – that it is not a coincidence that I happen be in a city with a Anthropologie store during their sale –  but it actually is. But if I had thought about it I would of course had planed it. I was just not foreseeing enough. However, from now on I will for sure try to combine my research visits to UK or US with Anthropologie’s sale. For you have never been to or heard about Anthropologie you can check their website here. They have the most lovely clothes and home decor and you can order online from Sweden. However, it is pretty expensive, if you not get it on sale, that is why I have to try to coordinate my research with the sale. If you are curious what I got, I got this top that is extremely soft and a fun version of a classic white and blue top. Maybe not the most flattering in my wardrobe, but after two weeks with Scottish breakfast, haggis, and fish and chips what could you expect? By the way, does anyone knows if there will be an Anthropologie sale in Boston in November?

Top – Anthropologie, Pants – Flash, Clogs – Esprit, Jewelry – Gifts the day I defended my thesis

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