Some Consolation

Dear Readers, I am still getting dressed. However, lately it has been hard to both fit in some photos shoots in a pretty busy schedule and to fit into my clothes. When I gain weight I am much less inspired to get dressed in the morning. I try to wear things that is not to tight so I can ignore that I gained weight a couple of weeks more. A very ineffective coping strategy called denial. However, I am working on it and I hope that I soon will have some photos to post. Although that I am at the moment don’t dance of joy when I enter my wardrobe at least there is a little sunshine every morning and the sunshine is packaged in the cutest little bottle – my new favorite perfume. What is your fashion/beauty consolation when your favorite clothes do not fit. Food does not count!

Lollia Imagine Flowering Willow and Lotus, Bought at Anthropologie in Edinburgh

Ps1. Thanks to C who convinced me to treat myself the perfume – I look forward to my next visit and more shopping together with you! And research of course! Ds1.

Ps2. Thanks to T for sending a very cute worried e-mail when there was not updates at the blog Ds2.

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