Positive and Negative Consequences

As you might have noticed I have posted much less than I used to do on my blog. As I said in previous post, I could blame it on being busy which would be true or that I gained some weight which also would be true. But, I would say that the main reason to my absence is that I mainly have worn combinations you already have seen. As you might remember, I commute and it is very easy to throw in clothes in the suitcase that I know will fit together, is work appropriate, and that I know I will feel comfortable in. I think blogging (and for sure reading other lovely ladies’ style blogs) has helped me to understand what suits me and not suits me. Blogging has also made me more aware of my style and this was for sure one aim when I started my blog. However, this has had a negative consequence on the blog – there is less new combinations to post.  So if you wonder what I have worn lately – you can just scroll down and have a look of what I wore in September. However, this weekend I felt a little adventurous  and wanted to try a new combination where I tried to make a sleeveless summer dress to something autumn like (it helps if the dress has a dark color). It might not be my absolute favorite combination here at the blog – but at least you have not seen it before.

Dress -Sisters, Cardigan – Numph, Så in i Norden, Stockings and belt -H&M

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