Monochrome Look

Do you know if Turism Sweden sueds people? I am afraid they soon will sued my as I lately have shown photos from a rainy and grey Sweden and not showing Sweden from its best side. My apologies, but  I don’t have as much time as the well-paid photographs at advertisement companies so I am not able to catch the few minutes of sunshine we get in October and November. So dear readers, don’t believe beautiful pictures of Sweden with sunny autumn days when the leaves on the trees are red, orange and yellow – those days are few – most days are like the days in the photos below. However, if you are lucky to visit Sweden during one of the sunny autumn days – it is extremely beautiful!

I do not dread the autumn (but I don’t like January and February – but those months that sorrow). In the autumn it is very cosy to curl up on the couch, drink a lot of tea, and lit candles. This dress is very convenient for couch curling as well as for commuting as I have said before as it as other jersey dresses do not wrinkle. This time I have paired it with brown stockings and a beige cardigan for a monochrome look.

Dress – Mango Outlet, Cardigan – Flash, Belt – Zoul, MQ, Thights – H&M, Shoes – Caprice, Söder sko

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2 Responses to Monochrome Look

  1. Tine says:

    Dear Anna,
    As long as Sweden have you to brighten up the country things can’t be too bad! I think that warm beige colour (camel) is great for you, it suits your hair so well. I remember a photo from Turkey – where you are wearing a long shirt or tunic in beige, that also suited you really well and of course your dress from Mango! So I hope you have either lost weight or come to termes with your size. You still look beautyful anyway. And may Sweden get some of that sunshine we have been blessed with in Denmark lately!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank you Tine! I have not seen the sun since Monday – but getting kind messages from you definitely lights up my day!

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