Some Fairness

Guess is this a lazy Saturday outfit or shopping outfit? I wished! I have been cleaning, cooking, and done laundry all day long. I can understand that our clothes get dirty – but who mess it up at home – we are almost not home during the weeks? It does not seem fair at all – if you are not at home your home should not get dirty but it does. But there are a lot of things in life that is not fair – like that some people can eat as much as they want without gaining weight. But my house get dirty (at least dusty) without not being there and I gain weight just by thinking about chocolate. However, there seem to be some fairness – the sun came out when I had started to take outfit photos and there was also some time left of the day to hang around with a good friend. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Sweater – Donna Karen New York, Skirt – VILA, tights – No Idea, Shoes – Caprice, Söder skor, Purse – Bought in Turkey

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2 Responses to Some Fairness

  1. elly yuana says:

    love your picture capturing autumn in the air 🙂

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