Reasons to Love Colored Tights

I love colored tights!

A couple of days ago there was colored tights day at Everybody Everywear

Image 3316

I did not have time to write a tribute to colored tights that day (or to be honest, I did not know about it, until I read about it at Putting Me Together – one of my favorite style blogs). Hence, a little late I have collected some of my all time favorite outfits with colored tights – about all outfits I have posted on the blog with colored tights. I am very humble today. But colored tights is actually a quite new love. I have owned black, brown, black, black, and black tights since I left highschool. However, when I less than a year ago started to read style blog the ladies at Academichic (deeply missed in the blog community) had a lot of wonderful outfits with colored tights, for example have a look at this tutorial on colored tights from E. Luckily I realized this about the same time as it was clearance (read half price on the sale) and I was able to get a big collection of colored tights for almost nothing. A last suggestion  before you scroll down –  if you like me can’t get enough of colored tights visit Everybody Everywear by clicking the logo above and see how others have styled their tights or visit Lazy Saturday and read this innovative tutorial about how to mix your tights.

And here is the reasons to LOVE colored tights!

They are party appropriate

Work appropriate

They keep you warm in the spring

And keep you warm in the autumn

You don’t need to shave your legs in the morning

They can be mixed with other patterns

They are cute

They can be used in a monochronic look

And they always make me very happy!

Happy tights to Everyone!

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