Looking for me?

Did you look for this blonde?

She will not be around for a while – so you have to stick with the brunette. I know some persons who prefer the blonde – don’t worry – she usually comes back in the spring. But until then, give the brunette a chance.

This sunday I spent most of my time preparing for another conference travel. Unfortunately, it did not mean that I was preparing my poster or other work related stuff I need to do before I leave, instead I was pulling out all my favorite clothes from the wardrobe trying to figure out how many shoes, handbags, and clothes I can bring and still have room for some shopping (I will take two days off). These clothes now lies on the couch and will not be worn until travel day, meaning that I this morning could not wear any of those. But I did see these crochets when I was preparing and still had some inspiration from the great post at Lazy Saturdays about tights remixing and wanted to give double layering a chance. Actually, I was so satisfied with the result that I almost regret that I wore this today and did not decided to bring it. However, I know that this dress does not stands the suitcase very well and I know that there will be very little time to iron when I am away, if there is an iron, so I think it still is a wise decision to leave this dress at home. On the other hand, I am not that sure it was a very wise decision to not work this weekend and I am really behind in the preparations especially given that I spent 2 hours at the hairdresser today. However, I finished the poster at 11 pm this night and I can always sleep on the plane – if there is not an Italian school class there, but that is another story. Good night friends!

Outfit 1: Coat – Esprit, Dress – Sisters, Cardigan – H&M, Scarf- Olgas Hus, Two layers of tights – 2*?, Shoes – Caprice – Söder skor, Bangles – Vero Moda

Outfit 2: Coat – Esprit, Scarf – from another jacket, Jeans – Ann Taylor, Shoes – Jana, Söder skor, Handbag – Stockhlm, MQ

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