Let the Christmas Season Begin

Yesterday I spent most day cleaning our house (at least it is fairly clean now) and decorated the house with advent candles as is a Swedish tradition. Probably I should have finished a an almost finished manuscript or finalized revisions for an almost accepted paper instead. However, Christmas only comes once a year and I did worked last weekend from at least 8am to 8pm at the  conference so I thought I could prioritize other things than work this weekend. As you see I also had some time left to figure out a Christmas season outfit. I actually love the outfit som much that I think I might wear it the whole Christmas season. So if I don’t post any thing more before New Year, this is what I wore. Did I scare you? Don’t worry, I will not leave you alone with the turkey or ham (or what you usually have for Christmas) and noisy relatives, I will be here. Even if I wear this everyday, I will come up with some outfits just to keep you company, or to be honest, to stop myself from eating 24 hours a day. The keyboard get messy if you eat and blog at the same time. Happy first of Advent Everyone!

Top and Sweater – Forever 21, Skirt – Sunshine, MQ, Boats – Ecco, Tights – ?, Necklaces – Bought on trip to Thailand

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