Similarity between Academia and Blogging

Brrrrr… it was cold outside. However, the last weeks my site stats have increased steadily and it makes me warm inside. It is like getting a note from google scholar that someone cited your research. So dear friends that is a similarity between academia and blogging.

I have been curious to try to mix this shirt with this skirt for a while as I thought it might work as the colors are pretty similar. However, I had not planned to match the skirt with the sky it was a coincidence  but not a surprise. The sky is grey most of the days this season. Actually, the sky was only light grey and to experience that in Sweden in December feels almost like a blue sky and sun in June. You can not accuse Swedes of being spoiled!

Shirt – Saint Tropez, Skirt – Sunshine, MQ, Necklace – Vero Moda, Belt – Crazy Horse, Tights – Next, Boats – Ecco, Cederqvist skor

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