Not Completely Ready

It is less than a week until Christmas Eve (the day we celebrate Christmas in Sweden – read give gifts to each other). Yes I know, it came as a totally surprise to me too!!!! Although I should have suspected it when there are Santa Clauses in every single commercial and wherever you go you are served glögg and gingerbread cookies (Swedish tradition), but sometimes I am a little thick.

Good that I at least have planned some Christmas’ outfits already, like this little green dress I bought at Anthropologie in Boston (and this outfit). Although I love the cut of this grey cardigan with the dress, I would really prefer to pair this green dress with a black cardigan. The sad truth is that I have been hunting for a black cardigan since last season and not been able to find any one that fits my demands on fabric and cut. However, if we should wait to celebrate Christmas until I find the perfect cardigan we might not celebrate Christmas at all. So let us pretend that I am ready for Christmas parties and just ignore the fact that black would have looked better with both the dress and with my hair color. Or do you have any suggestions of another color to pair this dress with?

 PS.1 – I don’t own a mustard cardigan Ds.

PS.2 Suggestions for cardigans that I have worn on the blog give extra points Ds.

Dress – Anthropologie, Cardigan – Express, Shoes – Caprice, Söder skor

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2 Responses to Not Completely Ready

  1. Sharon says:

    this green looks fabulous with your coloring!

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