Gold for Christmas Silver for New Year?

Isn’t wine, gold, and grey the ultimate Christmas colors? I do not only decorate my home and the Christmas tree (at least in my head, as I don’t have one) with those colors, but I also go all in and wear these Christmas colors. I wore this wine/gold/grey outfit yesterday on the 26th of December at our annual family gathering at my parents house. I planned this outfit several weeks ago, however, I have still no idea what I will wear on New Years Eve, as most years. It seems that there is no brain space left for New Years Eve planning until after Christmas. Thanks God at least we have friends to celebrate with! I might wear my LBD – little black dress paired with silver. Probably not very original but classic. Black and silver seem to be the ultimate colors of the New Year. I will let you know when I have decided what to wear. But, please don’t expect any answers until after New Years Eve as I probably will make my final decision like late in the afternoon at New Years Eve. Have you decided what to wear at New Years Eve, yet? I would love to know and maybe get some ideas!


Dress – Anthropologie on sale, Cardigan – Express, Tights – ???, Boats – Ecco, Necklace – Collezione outlet, Bracelet – MQ

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2 Responses to Gold for Christmas Silver for New Year?

  1. Happy New Year Anna! Better late than never, right? Thanks for your invitation to Pinterest. I have already tried to install some sort of quick-button, but haven’t been lucky making it work so far. But that will have to wait untill after my exam. Is Express a Swedish shop? I really like that cardigan! And the butterfly necklace is just adorable! But the best part in my opinion is that weathered barn door. Who needs snow when you wear gold, grey and wine? All you need is an old barn. Well done!

    Best regards your Danish connection

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Hi Tine,

      Good to hear from you! I have checked by your blog now and then to see if there has been an updates. Glad to have you back in cyber space and that your back is better! Express is an apparel chain in the U.S. and my cardigan is 2-3 years old so it might be hard to get hold of.

      Yes, I really got spoiled with nice weather, nice backgrounds, and nice photographer during the Christmas vaccation and I don’t want to turn back to bad photos with my gorilla pod, hence there has been no photos this year yet although I have several new outfits in store.

      Happy New Year to You too!

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