The Fourth Season is Here

 A late Happy 2012 to Everyone who pass by Four Seasons One Wardrobe! Actually, I have the last month wondered if I need to rename the blog to three seasons one wardrobe, but this last night we got some snow and the winter is here not only literally. I don’t now if I should say finally or not as I am not a big fan of cold weather, but on the other hand when it is cold and snow outside it is more often more sunny, so I am indecisive. Another favorite thing or favorite things with the winter is warm hats (as long as you don’t need to take them off) and knitted scarfs. A big scarf over the coat makes it easier to keep warm when it is cold outside and your coat is not warm enough, which sometimes is the case with nice coats. Indeed I was warm enough in this outfit, but it was chilly to take of the coat and photo my new sweater that I found on sale yesterday. I really like the buttons.

Colored pants and especially coral pants have been popular for a while now and I have actually owned these since the summer, but not been able to get them on photo. So I am not late to hook on to the trend, just late to show it to you. I love how the pants adds a pop of color to a typical Swedish grey-black winter outfit. I hope we will see much color in the store this year! I have to say that it at least looks promising when I look in fashion magazines, catalogues and at Pinterest. More color to the people 2012!

Sweater – Esprit, Lagos on sale, Pants – Rodi (Turkish brand), Boots – Ecco, Cedervalls skor, Hat – Bought in Iceland, Scarf – NoaNoa, Coat – H&M, Handbag – Bought in Turkey, Gloves – I don’t remember

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