Black and White

I had thought I should write something fun or something really interesting. However, when I had to rewrite the title of this post three times until I was able to spell white and black correctly I realized that I am too tired to come-up with either a funny or intelligent post. Instead I decided to just tell you that this outfit is inspired from an outfit I found at Pinterest (see below). Thanks to Capernaum Home for the inspiration!

Pinned Image

And Thanks to All Lovely Ladies at Everybody Everywear for all the inspiration! Beware your outfit might be the next I pin and get inspiration from!

Image 3723

My Picture: Blouse – Express, Cardigan – MQ, Jeans – Ann Taylor Loft (Curvy fit), Boots – Ecco, Cederwalls skor

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2 Responses to Black and White

  1. Sara says:

    Pinterest is my latest vice, it offers so much inspiration but eats up so much of my time! I love the inspiration photo and the look you created, especially the pattern mixing.

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thanks Sara! I seem to end up with pattern mixed outfits every time I submit to Everybody Everywear.

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