I have been absent again. I really wanted to tell you before I left but there has been a lot of burglary in the town I live in lately so I thought it was better to be careful. But now I am back and I will show you some outfits from my travel in the coming posts and  I start with what I wore traveling.

This is a really lousy travel outfit considering comfort and practicality. Light colored pants and travel is to tempt faith and the trousers is not comfortable (read a little bite to tight, I don’t know how that happened!). The night before traveling I had prepared a soft jersey dress to travel in, but when I woke up in the morning I was not in a mood for the dress and wanted something else. I suppose that when you change your mind 2 am in the morning you don’t make the best decisions. However, it is layers on layers and that is something I think is essential when you travel, there is a lot of stretch in the jacket which makes the jacket comfortable for being a jacket, and there is a scarf. So the top half pretty much follows my travel wear advices, but the bottom half…  just forget it and instead click here and here if you want to read my advises about what to wear when traveling.

By the way, I have just arrived to the UAE and the Sharjah airport in the pictures, if you wondered.

Top – Sunshine, MQ, Jacket – French Connection on sale, Olgas Hus, Trousers – HM, Scarf – Sisters on sale, Glases – Vogue, Bracelet – Indiska on sale, Bag – Knock-off Chanel, bought in Turkey, Clogs – Esprit

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